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Boulogne-Billancourt – January 15, 2021. At the presentation of Groupe Renault’s Renaulution strategic plan, Renault lifted the veil on its strategy for the next five years and beyond. With Renaulution, the Renault brand embraces the changes from the automotive market. With its “Nouvelle Vague”, Renault will bring modernity in the automotive industry by becoming a tech, service and clean energy brand. Renault will sustain its leadership in the energy transition through electrified & hydrogen solution, offering the greenest mix in Europe by 2025. As for technology, Renault will leverage the “Software République”, an open ecosystem dedicated to software, data, cybersecurity and microelectronics. This will fuel the Renault line-up with connected services. Value will come from a better mix distribution in favor of the C-segment, the development of cutting-edge technologies and new lifecycle business opportunities.



Decisive arguments in support


Innovation has been at the heart of the Renault brand for 120 years. The brand has strong assets to substantiate its ambition to be the ‘Nouvelle Vague’. Renault is the leader in the European EV market with more than 10 years of in-depth experience in electric mobility, services and more than 300 000 vehicles sold. Renault also invented E-TECH, a hybrid technology including more than 150 patents and drawing on the brand’s electrical and F1 experience. The Software Factory gathers over 1000 engineers specialized in software, data & cloud services, soon to be joined by many others. A unique industrial site, the Flins Re-Factory, Europe’s first mobility-specific circular economy factory, also embodies Renault’s modernity. But all this is just the beginning…

“At Renault, we embrace the waves of disruption and create our own ‘Nouvelle Vague’. It’s about bringing modernity to the automotive industry. We’ll move to an energy brand, strengthening our EV leadership with the Electro Pole project and investing in Hydrogen, aiming at achieving the greenest mix in Europe by 2025. We’ll also be a tech brand, through in-house innovation and through the Software République, an open ecosystem dedicated to develop a European expertise in key fields such as data or cybersecurity. This will give us a competitive edge as a service brand, with high-tech connected services, onboard & offboard. And this vision of modernity, we anchor it in France. Because as a brand, we know our soul and our strength lie in our origins.

The new R5 is the Nouvelle Vague: it’s strongly connected to its history, and yet it’s the future, making electric cars popular “

Luca de Meo, CEO Groupe Renault


Three fields of competitiveness

Renault will evolve into:

Tech brand, with an ecosystem approach that aims at creating world-leading, next-generation mobility OEMs and suppliers. This ecosystem called “Software République” will allow Renault, other founding members and future partners to develop joined expertise, build European know-how and defend our sovereignty in key technologies from big data to electronics. It will also allow Renault to equip its vehicles with leading artificial intelligence and cyber-security systems.

Service brand, offering the best connectivity and high-tech services embedded natively in our vehicles. In 2022, Renault will be introducing My Link, a new infotainment system with Google Built-in. Renault will be the first carmaker to bring Google services to mass-market cars.

Becoming more intelligent everyday, our vehicles will gain value over time. They will also live longer.  Further, Renault will try to break the consumerist cycle and generate value up until vehicles’ end-of-life, all thanks to its Re-Factory in Flins (France). The plant will recondition more than a 100,000 used cars per year, repurpose Diesel LCV and convert them into biogas and pure EV. Renault also has a clear advantage when it comes to second life and end of life of batteries. The control of these parts of the value chain has the potential to generate new business cases and value.

Clean Energy brand, becoming a leader of the energy transition. Challenging leaders on the hybrid markets thanks to its revolutionary E-TECH technology, Renault will sustain its leadership on the electric market with new families of products based on our two dedicated electric platforms CMF-EV and CMF-B EV. The brand will also offer market-ready, end-to-end hydrogen solutions for LCVs. The target is to reach the greenest mix in European market.

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