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National Motors Supplies Company Announce Dealership Agreement with Jetour

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Mohammed Alsofiani
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October 2021: The Saudi capital, Riyadh, witnessed the forging of an important partnership that is anticipated to impact the Saudi automotive industry. The National Motors Supplies Co. (NMS), a subsidiary of United Motors Group (UMG), and Jetour have signed a dealership agreement, making NMS the new dealer of Jetour vehicles in Saudi Arabia as of the beginning of 2022. The milestone reflects Jetour’s determination to endorse its global growth and to enhance its presence in the Saudi market, which is a key strategic market. NMS is currently finalizing its preparations and facilities to be fully prepared to serve customers as of 2022, taking advantage of the great experience of United Motors Group in the Saudi automotive market.

On this occasion, Mr. Hasan Al-Shamrani, Group CEO of United Motors Group, stated that: “Jetour has been keen to associate their brand with a dealer that has a strong presence in the Saudi market, ensuring the best possible service to customers by appropriately offering the magnificent Jetour cars and he most important factor is providing excellent after-sales services, as it is one of the aspects that we provide great attention to, in terms of our interest to build a sustainable relationship on accurate foundations with our customers”.

He added: “Since the launch of Jetour brand, it has achieved impressive successes in various global markets, due to the quality and strength of its performance, the magnificence of its interior and exterior designs, and the diversity of its products that meet the various desires and needs of customers.”

Mr. Hasan Al Shamrani expressed on his behalf and all the group’s employees their pleasure in obtaining Jetour dealership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabic after its successes in the international market. He also added: “Many brands are present in the Saudi automotive market, which makes it an open and diversified market, raising the competition’s bar in a very challenging manner. However, based on extensive research and our experience in the field, our confidence is that Jetour models are very suitable for the Saudi market. The strong brand will be able to attract the attention of Saudi customers and admire, as it blends strong performance with attractive designs suiting different tastes through its diverse categories. From our end in United Motors Group, we will continue working eagerly to provide the best service standards in the various stages of dealing with our customers, starting with our distinguished showrooms and service centers across Saudi Arabia. After-sales services are one of the most strategic points that we will focus on to create quality service to our customers through our network of service centers and the availability of spare parts, as it is a cornerstone of the relationship with our customers. We are constantly developing and improving our services in order to achieve the needs and desires of our customers, and we will maintain the continuation of their trust and confidence.”

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