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MG Saudi supports the First-Ever Off-Road Rally for Women in Saudi Arabia with two Saudi teams

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As part of its constant programs to help promote sporting events organized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which all come in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, MG Saudi supported “Rally Jameel”, the first-ever off-road rally for women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, with a participation of two Saudi contestants, Nada Hambazaza and Samar Rahbini in, which took place on 17-19 March 2022.   Nada Hambazaza competed under the name of her team “The Advisor”, during which she drove the MG HS car, while the other contestant Samar Rahbini performed under the name of her team “Brave 1”, where she drove the MG RX8 car.

Mr. Faisal Malaikah, MD of Taajeer Group, praised MG Saudi’s participation in this event by saying: “We support everything that would empower Saudi woman and enhance her sporting performance, particularly in car-related championships such as “Rally Jameel”, in order to realize more achievements at both local as well as the regional levels and to showcase an honoring image of the Saudi woman while representing a pride for the country through her various accomplishments.”

With the participation of 64 female contestants from more than 15 countries around the world, “Rally Jameel” started from the city of Hail and passed across the city of Qassim, and ended in the capital city, Riyadh. It represented an ideal opportunity for women who are passionate about off-road adventures. The competition did not require speed, but rather relies on the team’s navigational skills, to cross the track that covers 400 km distance every day, and to reveal the track for each stage daily, under different climatic conditions and tough terrains. All these factors represented a great challenge for the contesting teams. This exceptional event was sponsored by the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation and was supported by the FIA through a women’s motorsports committee.

The results of the championship announced the contestant Samar Rahbini and her navigator Walaa Rahbini from Brave 1 Team, as third place winners in the AW4 category.

Commenting on the event, Samar Rahbini said: “When I first heard about Rally Jameel, I believed that it would be an outstanding opportunity for me, although the rally is navigational in nature and is held on an off-road, which I have not experienced before, yet, the competing with other women was a very special idea.  For me,” she added, “I am very happy to have been chosen among 20 Saudi women to participate in the first rally of its kind. Just participating in Rally Jameel is an important addition from which I derived experience to enhance my skills and start my career in the world of rallying and motorsport, and I was very happy to achieve this honorable result for my country, especially that the first women’s rally in the Arab world took place in Saudi Arabia.” She concluded: “All thanks and gratitude to Taajeer Group and MG Saudi for their full support of our Brave 1 team and for presenting the MG RX8 Black Edition all-wheel-drive car, which excelled in its performance and has credited, after God Almighty, to me and my sister, the navigator, Walaa Rahbini, in overcoming many of the difficulties that we faced, especially at the off-road of the race.”

MG Saudi and Jameel Rally
MG Saudi and Jameel Rally

From their side, Taajeer Group and MG Saudi gave the best support to the Brave 1 and the Advisor teams by providing the cars in addition to the full logistical support from the after-sales service team and their presence within Al Nufud desert throughout the race stages in the anticipation of any emergency, as they escorted the teams that were on board of the MG RX8 & MG HS models, starting from Hail through Al Qassim to the last destination in Riyadh.

MG Motor, through its long history and rich legacy, has changed the way the world views cars. The brand has broken the prevailing stereotype around it and offered unique dynamics and luxury that rival its peers. It was a very bold move when MG cars, with their superior performance and advanced technical specifications required for the most enjoyable drive, proved to be well suited for the toughest racing and challenges. This pioneering brand also created a space for women, as it was designed in a flexible style that blends in with the nature of the female drive, with full comfort and flexibility.

On September 26, 2017, the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, issued a royal decree recognizing women’s rights to drive in Saudi Arabia. Vision 2030 recognizes that a successful, modern nation must encourage and empower all members of society, especially women. That is why women’s empowerment takes a huge part of the vision. From that vision and objective, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors & Abdullah Bakhashab Est. (Leading motorsports developer in Saudi Arabia) developed a woman-only navigation event using stock vehicles and does not require speed.

It is worth mentioning that MG continues to improve the experience for riders and drivers, using its innovative styles and rich heritage of the toughest and most reliable sport-utility vehicles competing in the hardest off-road races, making a real difference in driver’s satisfaction and quality standards drive. This leading brand will keep providing the best for every passionate driver.

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