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Made in the UAE, The Truth About Engine Oil

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United Arab Emirates, 24 August 2020 – It’s no secret; engine oil is essential to the operation of a motor vehicle. It provides the necessary lubrication to the various parts of the engine and reduces friction, thus reducing corrosion and wear. Furthermore, the additives stabilize the viscosity of the oil under different temperatures, helping reduce debris and help improve the engine’s life.


However, with the extreme weather conditions in the Middle East, the oil in your vehicle needs to be specially formulated to withstand the climate, while providing the right care for your vehicle. ACDelco, the premier supplier of aftermarket parts and products, imports raw materials from the USA and Europe but produces their engine oil right here in the Middle East, to ensure the specifications are suitable for the climate. With this blend of international ingredients matched with local expertise, ACDelco’s engine oil is produced to the same exacting standards of the US but is specially formulated for the Middle East.

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There are a number of common misconceptions around oils that you might be following and unknowingly causing internal damage to your engine. ACDelco is debunking these myths so you can get the longest lease of life from your vehicle


The color

A common myth is that the final color of the lubricant reflects its quality. In fact, the color of the lubricant is based on the different groups of base oils which are used as a part of the formulation of the product. A lighter color indicates that the oil is manufactured from higher purified base oil which indicates better performance. There can be a range of colors of engine oils, none of which indicate their efficacy – each has its own purpose.


Viscosity isn’t key

Most people believe that oils that are more viscous are more effective – this is indeed not the case. A lighter viscosity grade oil doesn’t mean less protection. Protection for the engine is based on the chemistry of oil and viscosity stability. Mere visual viscosity judgement is not an accurate indicator. In fact, some low-quality base oils can lose viscosity immediately after running inside the engines.


It is advisable to measure viscosity by standard ASTM tests and not by touch, which can be misleading. However, viscosity is not the only indicator of the quality of engine oil, there are several other factors to consider based on lab tests. For instance, viscosity index, lubricity, flash point, oxidation stability are just some factors that motorists need to take into consideration when choosing their preferred engine oil.


Location, location, location

While viscosity is a measure of how thick or thin an oil is, it is worth bearing in mind that oil viscosity changes dramatically with temperature. The searing Arabian heat can collapse oil films, resulting in accelerated abrasion. It’s just a result of the environment we live in.


The normal measure for automotive engine oils is 100°C, however, their viscosity can be measured at any temperature and the unit is centistokes. That said, it is impossible to judge the quality of engine oil purely by touch or color – It can only be measured in a lab using specific testing methods.


In essence, when you’re picking your engine oil, it is important to rely on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, because a visual examination isn’t nearly enough to ascertain the quality.


Rigorous Testing

Not only is ACDelco’s oil tested in a laboratory after manufacturing, it then undergoes three to six months of sample retention to ensure that it works the way it was intended in your vehicle. Once this is complete and the product is signed off, ACDelco continue product testing to determine long term results and finetune any further improvements.


Finding the Right Oil

It’s safe to say that ACDelco is an expert when it comes to oil. If you need advice on which is the right oil for your car, you can visit the Oil Catalogue on the ACDelco website to determine which oil is best for your vehicle, based on original recommendations from the manufacturer. In the catalogue, you can enter your vehicle make, model and year to discover the right oil for your engine, brakes and automatic transmission.

Alternatively, you can visit any ACDeclo service station and get the advice of one of our experts.

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